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Working parties

Finance and Governance – Councillor Judd, Councillor Cowan, Councillor Campion and Councillor R Ludford-Brooks

Publicity – Clerk, Councillor Campion, and Councillor Cowan.

Planning applications/matters  – Councillor Page, Councillor Qneibi and Clerk

Roads, Pavements, Footpaths, Greenspaces, and Traffic Calming Measures – Councillor Cowan, Councillor Marsden, Councillor Qneibi, Councillor Page and Mr Marston (resident) – working with ESBC/SCC

Nature Walk – Councillor Ludford-Brooks, Councillor Page, Councillor Campion, Councillor Trivedy, Councillor Judd,  Borough Councillor Colin Wileman and Ms A Dean (resident)

Brizlincote in Bloom – Councillors Qneibi and Bidgood.

Website and Facebook – Councillors Moss, Qneibi and Ludford-Brooks

Newsletter – Editorial – Councillors Adrian Cowan and Bob Bidgood, Karen Hyde and Sarah Moss.  Distribution – John Hoddy (resident). All items should be sent to the Clerk prior to printing for  consultation with the Chair

Local Issues – Councillor Bidgood and Councillor Judd

Business Plan – Councillor Judd, Councillor Ludford-Brooks, Councillor Hyde,  Councillor Trivedy and Councillor Campion

Notice Boards –Councillor Judd and Councillor Bidgood

Time Capsule – Councillors Karen Hyde and Lynne Campion

East Staffordshire Arts Competition – Councillors Moss and Hyde