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Working parties

Notice Boards –Councillor Judd and Councillor Campion – no definition of roles necessary.

Finance and Governance – Councillor Judd, Councillor Cowan, and Clerk Barbara Roe – no definition of roles necessary.

Roads, Pavements and Footpaths – Councillors Cowan, Councillor Marsden and Councillor Page – working with ESBC and keeping the Chair informed.

Nature Walk – Councillor Ludford-Brooks, Councillor Page, Councillor Campion, Councillor Trivedy, and Borough Councillor Colin Wileman.

Greenspaces – Councillor Cowan and Councillor Page   – to ensure grass is cut, bins are emptied etc.  Chair should also be made aware of what is being done.

Brizlincote in Bloom – Councillors Qneibi and Bidgood. Clerk responsible for organising and dealing with entrants etc.

Youth and Children – organisation of competitions etc. Councillors Campion, Moss, Trivedy and Hyde

Publicity – Anything relating to this should always be cleared by the Chair first.  Clerk, Councillor Campion, and Councillor Cowan.

Website and Facebook – Councillors Moss, Qneibi and Ludford-Brooks (all inclusions should be approved by the Chair or Vice-chair if Chair is absent).

Newsletter – Editorial – Adrian Cowan and Bob Bidgood. Newsletter for printing – Councillor Hyde and Councillor  Moss.  Distribution – John Hoddy.  All items should be sent to the Clerk,  to be cleared by the Chair prior to inclusion in the Newsletter.

Planning – to report any plans to the Parish Council and discuss any issues with the Chair.  Councillor Page, Councillor Qneibi and Clerk (to receive planning applications in the absence of the relevant Councillor).

Complaints – Councillor Bidgood and Councillor Judd working with the Chair – any complaints regarding Councillors should be addressed directly to the Chair. Any Parish concerns/issues should go to Councillor Bidgood/ Councillor Judd who should also make the Chair aware.

Parish Plan – Councillor Judd, Councillor Ludford-Brooks, Councillor Hyde, Councillor Trivedy and Councillor Campion working with ESBC and reporting back to the Parish Council.

Defibrillator – Councillor Hyde and Councillor Moss.

Traffic Calming Measures – to look throughout the Parish for problem areas – Councillor Cowan, Councillor Qneibi and Councillor Marsden.

Funding Sources – to investigate the potential for available grants to be used for the ongoing wellbeing of the Parishioners and the Environment and any new projects deemed to be of benefit to the Parish. Councillor Marsden, Councillor Hyde, Councillor Qneibi and Councillor Campion.