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Grant applications

Brizlincote Parish Council has the authority to award grants to local voluntary organisations, and to sponsor local public events. The following criteria must be met in order for an application for a grant to be considered by the Parish Council;
Criteria for Making Grant Aid to Organisation

  1. Any organisation, club or society (from here on called the organisation) wishing to apply for grant aid must make a written application on the appropriate form.
  2. The organisation must use this funding predominantly for the benefit of residents of the Parish of Brizlincote.
  3. The organisation must be non-profit making.
  4. Organisations applying for grant aid must provide the Parish Council with their most recent annual statement of accounts and a copy of their most recent bank statements.
  5. The application must state the names of other organisations to which application for grant aid has been made.
  6. The organisation must agree to provide the Parish Council with receipts of all transactions where grant aid from the Parish has been used.
  7. Any grant offered by the Parish Council is made on the understanding that the applicant remains responsible for gaining all necessary permissions (planning or otherwise) and the granting of money by the Parish Council should not in any way be taken as authorisation.

Successful applications will be recorded in the minutes of meetings of Parish Council and notified to the applicant in writing.

Please download the application form to print, or email for a copy.