Good Neighbour Award 2020 – Nominees

Brizlincote Good Neighbour Award 2020

We are pleased to share the stories behind why the following residents were nominated as recipients of the Award.  We are sure that, like us, you will appreciate the wonderful contributions made to the community by our residents and be proud to be associated with them.

We are also aware that many other residents of whom we are unaware, make a huge contribution within the Parish and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them also.


Liz has been nominated for being an inspiration to her neighbours during the lockdown period earlier in the year.  From organising socially distanced dancing in her local street at 11am every day
(including personal requests and shout-outs for local residents’ birthdays), to Saturday afternoon social bingos and Sunday quizzes, Liz has been instrumental in ensuring morale was kept up in the darkest of times.  The street where Liz lives also has a Facebook page where neighbours post
general info and requests. We are advised that Liz organising these local events makes what is a great place to live even better!


At the start of lockdown the Ann-Marie set up a Facebook group (Anne Marie) Meal Ideas for families (join the page here)as a way to bring people together to share ideas for recipes and meals whilst they were at home.  The purpose of the page is to share new recipes, ideas and highlight different approaches to food and meals.

“The group has amassed nearly 3000 members and Anne Marie puts daily messages up to engage with people. She always answers queries and tries to offer help – in the early days this was posting where flour was available for example.   She then decided to use the site to promote local businesses and
regularly holds days where businesses can promote their services on the site to the members.  Most recently she has started to run prize draws and events for businesses whereby people can “like” a page and then be entered into a draw for goods or a service.  This has not only got people to engage and promote local businesses but helped to raise self-esteem with people entering events with the
chance to win a prize.  The companies engaged with range from florists to cleaning companies, mechanics to online distributors and regularly Anne Marie writes 300+ raffle tickets to ensure everyone is entered into the draw.  This is only one small part of the community spirit and focus that Anne Marie has – she is the first to provide fruit and vegetables from her allotment to local neighbours
as well as helping anyone where she can”.  Ann- Marie continues to work for the good of others and has recently organised food hamper distribution in order to help local families who might be in of
need some support.

Jenny and Barry were nominated by their new neighbours who shared with us their gratitude to this couple who did everything possible to welcome them and offered both practical help and friendly support.  It soon became apparent that Jenny and Barry have been supporting people in their street over many years and assisting with shopping, collecting medication, running people to hospital and general assistance where required in their own homes. During the pandemic they have continued to support their neighbours within current restrictions. During all this the couple have faced many personal difficulties but have continued to work tirelessly for others.