Brizlincote 2020 Covid – 19 Time Capsule

We are very conscious of the difficulties, stress and devastation experienced during
these unprecedented times. Very few people alive today has ever experienced
anything like this before and 2020 will go down in History. Future generations will be
learning about social distancing, lock-down and the corona virus in their History classes.
Time capsules have been found from as early as 1874 in the UK with photographs,
letters and diaries describing daily events.
With the corona virus pandemic, we are all living through an important moment in
History. We would like to help future generations learn about this time by developing
a time capsule full of as many of our experiences as possible, for example:
• Pictures – paintings, photos, memory cards
• Letters, postcards and diaries
• Newspaper articles – not just about the pandemic but amazing achievements
such as that of Captain Sir Tom Moore, his Knighthood – articles that mean
something to you individually.
• DIY mask-making instructions
• List of movies or TV shows you have binge watched
• New skills acquired
• Clap for carers
• Voluntary tasks – mask and/or scrubs making as part of a group, shopping for
vulnerable neighbours and family
• VE day celebrations – there were a lot of socially distanced tea parties and
activities in many streets
• In fact, anything at all to show what life under lock-down/during the pandemic,
has been like.
Many schools, organisations and communities are either already contributing to their
time capsule or looking to start one – as we are now.
There are many websites with articles and suggestions on what to include in a time
capsule. There are also age specific free resources available on the internet such as
at,, and many more. Some
of you will, no doubt already have accessed these resources and activities and
completed many with your children
Please send your ideas and contributions to:
requesting postal address/drop-off point for your hard copies.