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Neighbourhood Police

The Parish of Brizlincote is policed by a team of local police officers and police community officers who work specifically within the Brizlincote Valley, Stapenhill and Waterside area of the Burton Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

The team is made up of police sergeants, constables, police community support officers (PCSOs) and special constables, who work closely with the Brizlincote Parish Council to ensure a good quality of life for the residents.

Burton Neighbourhood Policing Unit is part of the Trent Valley division of Staffordshire Police.

Partners and Communities Together (PACT) Meetings gives you the chance to influence what happens in your neighbourhood. PACT is a mechanism whereby issues identified through PACT meetings in your neighbourhood, are taken to a PACT partnership panel where courses of action are agreed.

At the PACT meeting you can tell your Neighbourhood Team what issues concern you, and the if several issues are voiced a vote is taken to decide which issues will be dealt with by the panel. There are representatives from Staffordshire Police, Trent and Dove Housing, East Staffordshire Borough Council, and Brizlincote & Stapenhill Parish Councils.  After the meeting, a smaller group called a PACT partnership panel decides on how they will work together to resolve the neighbourhood priorities.  The Neighbourhood Team reports back to the next meeting on progress.  PACT meetings are open to anyone, and are held quarterly at the Hill Street Health & Wellbeing Clinic, Hill Street, Stapenhill.

East Staffordshire Borough Council

Staffordshire Police and East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) work together closely to deal with the crime, anti-social behaviour and community safety issues. ESBC can help with many important issues that affect your quality of life including;

  • abandoned vehicles
  • dog-related issues including stray dogs
  • fly-tipping/litter
  • graffiti
  • pollution (air and noise)

Local authority numbers

East Staffordshire Borough Council can be contacted on: 01283 508000.

Other useful phone numbers are:

  • For graffiti, environmental issues and parking problems: 0800 269098
  • Anti social behaviour: Hotline number is: 01283 508664

The Community Civil Enforcement Warden Team

They have a very varied role and are able to deal with a vast array of issues, such as:-

  • provide a visible presence in the area
  • act as the eyes and ears of the council
  • report issues such as fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and anti social behaviour.
  • give educational talks on recycling, waste reduction, littering and dog fouling.
  • attend community events.
  • tackle environmental crime such as littering and dog fouling, by way of Fixed Penalty Notices, or by way of prosecution.
  • talk to residents about issues of contaminated bins.
  • enforce on bins left on the street.
  • work alongside many organisations such as Staffordshire Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Social Housing Companies, Trading Standards, Young Peoples Services, Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors, Schools, Community Groups as well as Residents.

The aim to engage residents in identifying issues in their area and looking at ways to address them.

They have the authority to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for £75 for offences of littering and offences under the dog control orders. We can issue a fixed penalty notice of £100 for failing to remove bins from the street outside the permitted time scale.

If you would like more information on when a Neighbourhood Warden is in your area, contact the Neighbourhood Warden Team on 01283 508022, or visit their website