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Name  Size  Type
Minutes and Agendas (62.7MB) Minutes and Agendas 62.7MB Folder
Neighbourhood Police (1.8MB) Neighbourhood Police 1.8MB Folder
Parish Street Map (3.7MB) Parish Street Map 3.7MB Folder
Policies (109.7KB) Policies 109.7KB Folder
Press Releases (58.5KB) Press Releases 58.5KB Folder
Grant Application form (32.5KB) Grant Application form 32.5KB Folder
ESBC information (320.2KB) ESBC information 320.2KB Folder
Competitions (370.9KB) Competitions 370.9KB Folder
Staffordshire County Council Info (9.6MB) Staffordshire County Council Info 9.6MB Folder
Miscellaneous (678KB) Miscellaneous 678KB Folder
Newsletters (74.8MB) Newsletters 74.8MB Folder
Neighbourhood Plan (130.8KB) Neighbourhood Plan 130.8KB Folder
2019 Election information (56.6KB) 2019 Election information 56.6KB Folder
Brizlincote in Bloom 2019 (639.2KB) Brizlincote in Bloom 2019 639.2KB Folder
Police (7MB) Police 7MB Folder
Audits (29.6MB) Audits 29.6MB Folder
Financial (7.4MB) Financial 7.4MB Folder
Defibrillator Awareness Session (2.5MB) Defibrillator Awareness Session 2.5MB Folder
Agenda for next meeting (2.5MB) Agenda for next meeting 2.5MB Folder
GDPR Privacy Notice.pdf (137.5KB) GDPR Privacy Notice.pdf 137.5KB PDF
2018 Neighbourhood Plan Questionaire.pdf (130.8KB) 2018 Neighbourhood Plan Questionaire.pdf 130.8KB PDF